Level 1
Highways and roadways are snow/ice covered.


Level 2
Roadways have ice and blowing/drifting snow.
Drive cautiously.

Unnecessary travel is discouraged.


     Level 3

All roadways are CLOSED to non-emergency personnel.  No one should be out during these conditions unless it is absolutely necessary to  travel. 

All employees should contact their employers to see if they should report to work. 

Those traveling on the roadways may be subject to arrest under 2917.13 of the Ohio Revised Code.  This offense is a 4th degree misdemeanor. 


The Sheriff of Delaware County may, pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Sections 311.07 and 311.08, declare a snow emergency and temporarily close all or certain highways, roads and streets within his jurisdiction when such action is reasonably necessary for the preservation of the public peace. Ohio Attorney Generals Opinion 97-015 issued April 1, 1997, concludes that this authority includes all Federal and State highways, County and Township roads and Municipal streets. Any person who knowingly hampers or fails to obey a lawful order of the Sheriff declaring a snow emergency and temporary closing highways, roads and/or streets within his jurisdiction, may be subject to criminal prosecution under Ohio Revised Code Section 2917.13, Misconduct at an Emergency.